About Us

The Investment Manager

Round Hill Music LP (“Round Hill“), the Company’s investment manager, was founded in 2010 by Josh Gruss and is headquartered in New York with additional offices in Nashville, Los Angeles, and London. Josh is joined by an experienced team with an established reputation and extensive experience in the music and finance industries. The management team is comprised of Josh Gruss, Steve Clark, Neil Gillis, Amanda Siconolfi, Shannon Farley and Erich Carey. The investment team is comprised of Josh Gruss, Steve Clark, Neil Gillis and Amanda Siconolfi.

As a fully integrated owner and operator of music copyright properties, Round Hill was strategically constructed to combine investment experience and music industry expertise. The management team has, in aggregate, over 200 years of experience including at Alfred Music Publishing, BMI, Bear Stearns & Co., Concord Music Group, EMI, Deloitte, Dimensional Music Publishing, Goldman Sachs, The Blackstone Group, Gruss Asset Management, Gruss & Co., R2M Music, S1 Songs, Sony, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (“Sony/ATV“), Unilever and Warner Music Group (“WMG“). Collectively, the investment team has completed over 125 individual Catalogue transactions totalling over US$1 billion (including transactions that did not involve Round Hill). With extensive music, finance and institutional investment experience, Round Hill believes that its team is outstanding in both scope and quality within an industry dominated by music professionals.

Round Hill is consistently ranked in the top 10 music publishers in the U.S., and as of Q2 2020 was ranked number 7 by Billboard Magazine.

In addition, the investment team is supported by an experienced in-house publishing administration team of 50 plus professionals. This team is responsible for assisting with operations, administration, sales and marketing in order to facilitate and enhance royalty collection, licensing activity and proactive song placement.

Round Hill is a member of the National Music Publishers Association (“NMPA“), with Neil Gillis having sat on the board of that organisation for over 10 years. Additionally, Round Hill is a member of the Association of Independent Music Publishers (“AIMP“), the Nashville Songwriters Association International (“NSAI“), the UK’s Music Publishers’ Association (“MPA”) and Merlin Network, which represents independent record labels.

Round Hill currently manages three private funds, including Round Hill Music Royalty Fund LP (“Round Hill Fund One“), and has, since its establishment in 2010, deployed over US$650 million in acquiring 70 plus catalogues comprising over 128,000 musical compositions. To date, Round Hill has collected over US$175 million of Net Publisher’s Share on behalf of funds it manages. In respect of the private funds that it manages Round Hill has achieved in excess of 17 per cent. gross IRR.

Round Hill is a registered investment adviser under the U.S. Investment Advisers Act and is regulated by the SEC.